Now, first of all, there is nothing illegal or scary going on here. This is a social place where you can chat and share files with people around you, anonymously! This is an off-line network, specially designed and developed for file-sharing and chat services. Staying off the grid is a precaution to maintain your full anonymity. Please have fun, chat with people, and feel free to share any files you may like.
Please note that this is a "dummy" website just to show you how a finalised PirateBox would look like. All advanced functions have been deliberately disabled.


Piratebox: Hello! Welcome to the anonymous chatbox
Piratebox: Here you can chat with people around you connected to the Piratebox

Anonymous1: Hey, how are you doing?
Anonymous2: I'm fine! Do you have some cool cat pictures?
Anonymous1: Yes, sure! I'm uploading them right now.
Anonymous2: Thanks, I love these!
Anonymous1: You're welcome, I'll see you later.

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